The Boredom Awareness Campaign

March 28, 2013 / Branding / 0 Comments /

Boredom is a devastating, world-wide societal affliction and it is sadly tolerated, resulting in life-sucking activities like staff meetings, insurance conferences, and taupe-painted waiting rooms with tables full of expired automotive magazines.

We can do better. We can end boredom one butt wiggle and clumsy ballet twirl at a time.

Let’s put an end to boredom for a world free of blahs and ho hums. Read more about the campaign on Krumblekin™ Cookies: Boredom Awareness Campaign.

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True Northe’s Courtney Kirchoff created the Boredom Awareness Campaign for Krumblekin™ Cookies. 

About the author

Courtney: Courtney Kirchoff is a published novelist and web designer. She lives and works in the greater Seattle area.


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