The Boredom Awareness Campaign

“But, you might say, boredom is unavoidable. Let’s face it, some people wouldn’t know fun if donned an orange polka-dot tutu and did the Macarena. Such individuals are victims of boredom, and their insistence on staff meetings and paperwork are cries for help. Armed with your oreille de porc and a new attitude, you can help these square shaped souls.”

The Boredom Awareness Campaign was a eight minute verbal presentation for Krumblekin Cookies. The presentation covered the dangers of boredom, the different threat levels (Celery, Lettuce, Broccoli and Spinach) and how to combat boredom in any number of situations.

True Northe conceptualized and wrote the entire presentation for Kurmblekin Cookies, as part of a branding campaign.

To read the entire campaign, please visit Krumblekin Cookies.