Working from the Sea

August 1, 2011 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments /

True Northe is now successfully working from the sea. I made the land to sea transition yesterday and am now sorting through all my stuff, seeing what I have room for and what I must give up. I’ve got the laptop and wireless running off a DC/AC inverter and am finally catching up on email.

More details about my land to sea transition will come soon!

True Northe is moving to a Sailboat!

compassWhen I first designed this website over three years ago, it featured a compass. After some thought, I freshened it up a bit to include a sailboat, and it has remained on the header ever since. How fitting, then, that True Northe will move onto a sailboat. Coincidence? I think not.

Rest assured, this will not hinder time lines on your work. Living and working on a sailboat will be inspiring, super cool, and self-sustaining. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be working while visiting the San Juans or Vancouver, BC. Client work, your work, will still be well designed and delivered on time. You can tell everyone that your graphic designer lives and works on a sailboat. ;-)

I wrote about the reasons why I’m moving onto a sailboat, about the boat itself, and lots of other savvy things, over on my personal blog. You can read about it here.