It was an average, weather-free night.

In which case there’s nothing to say. If everything is hunky-dory, if it’s ho-hum, then what’s the point?

In writing, and in life (for writing is life in words), fortune favors the uncanny, the clever, the risk-takers. Which isn't to say that everything written needs to be a nail-biting tale of the high seas, or that it must make the reader crumble into a teary pile of emotion. No, good writing stands by itself on a pillar of strong messaging, not fluffy jargon, a cluttered mess of adverbs, or buzz.

Despite what nine out of ten experts say, people still read, they're just more selective. If you give people something worth reading, might have them. Throw more of the same their way, and they might take Smeagol's advice to Gollum: leave now and never come back.

Keep your clients and customers interest and write to their needs. Give them information they want, and serve it to them with a little flair.

What I can write for you


  • Website
  • Brochures
  • Booklets & Pamphlets
  • Advertisements (print & web)


  • Radio spots
  • Television spots
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Speech or Presentation


  • Original content
  • Ghost blogging
  • Blog suggestions
  • Blog consultations

Short and Simple

  • Motto or slogan
  • Mission Statement
  • Elevator Pitch