Krumblekin™ Cookies

Let the {chocolate} chips fall where they may.

Krumblekin's messaging is about the pleasures of life, cookies are a main ingredient. Every message, written or oral, is crafted to be cheery, clever and memorable. Read below and see for yourself.



Sugar, Gluten and Smiles

It seems like a lot of people are on some kind of no sugar or no carbs kind of diet. My daughter, Courtney, is on the Paleo diet. When she told us she’d no longer eat bread or sugar we thought she was crazy. No sugar? No bread? What was she going to eat, sticks and leaves?

If you are on a no sugar or carb diet, you know all about the “Are you crazy?” facial expression or have heard variations of, “Oh, I could never give up bread/cake/beer/cookies.” So when you have to fess up to someone that you’re off the happy sugar and pasta train, and that someone looks at you like you’re an alien, tell them that what you miss the most is the joy of a soft, chocolatey, gooey, makesyou- happy-and-do-a-little-dance Krumblekin™ cookie. Tell them they should enjoy the blissful sugar high on your behalf. Someone freaking should!

Krumblekin™ Cookies, full of sugar, gluten, and smiles.


A Public Service Announcement

It’s come to our attention that eating one of our chocolate chip cookies can lead to misplaced chocolate smudges, often occurring on surfaces, such as cell phones. Chocolate smudges are typically caused by zealous consumers trying to eat cookies and text simultaneously, neglecting to either

a.) lick the fingertips or

b.) wipe the fingers with a napkin prior to using their mobile devices.

There are not enough adequate studies to determine what damage, if any, may be done to a phone due to chocolate smudges and swipes. It is therefore the recommendation of Krumblekin™ Cookies that eating and texting should occur separately, or until the cookie consumer can exercise enough foresight to have a napkin standing by.

Thank you for your time, and please gobble responsibly.

Just Try, Try a Cookie

Out for a walk and you fall down,
When you miss, and when you frown,
Remember this, don’t you forget,
To try, try a cookie.

Or when at home and you’re all alone,
Because your children are all grown,
Remember this, for it will help,
To try, try a cookie.

You watered too much, you dug too hard,
And everything is dead, now, in your yard,
But it's okay, it’s not so bad,
Just try, try a cookie.

Not everything is great at first,
You won’t always be at your worst,
Sometimes all you need is rest,
To come back and do your best.

In the time when you feel sad,
Dejected, rejected, and a little mad,
Remember this, it’s all you need:
If at first you don’t succeed,
Just try, try a cookie.

Code Name Winter

A handy flyer for the cookie-devoted who need their cookie fix during the winter months, since Krumblekin Cookies serves the Kingston Farmer's Market in the spring and summer.codename_proof